2018 MAC/DEA Take Back Day Marketing Tool Kit:

Campaign Strategy:


October 22 - Personalized doctor Facebook memes will be released to promote the 27th Take Back Day.


October 27 (Saturday) - Take Back Day


November 5 - To release doctor videos.


Week of November 12 - In the U.S. Mail, participating doctors will receive personalized practice posters (for adjusting rooms) and rack cards (patient waiting room).


Week of December 3 - Participating doctors will receive a MAC Take Back Day email newsletter offering marketing ideas on how to extend their patient education on this issue. The newsletter will also show them the results of the campaign and personalized thank you (video) from the DEA and from MDHHS Director.

Download YOUR Marketing Materials:

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Sample Rack Cards:



Sample Practice Poster:

Sample Facebook Meme:

Follow Up Campaign Video:

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