The Science of Health & Happiness

The Mind-Body Connection is Real

with the Science Behind It

Evidence is growing that the connection between mind and body is real, leading to well-being and physical health.


The number of studies from Harvard University, The University of California and others are confirming there is a connection between mindfulness, happiness and

overall health.

You are in control of your happiness 50% of the time.

Happiness Determined by:

- 50% Genes

- 10% Past Circumstances

- 40% Your Thoughts


University of California, Prof. Lyubormirsky

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METRO DETROIT: Do these three things to make you healthier and happier, it's free and easy!

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•  The brain gets information from the body through

   the spine


•  When the spine is aligned, the messages to the

   brain are clear and concise


•  When the spine is not aligned, it sends faulty

   information to the brain


•  When the brain gets faulty information, it cannot

   read and process sensory information about what’s

   really happening to the body


•  Gentle chiropractic adjustments re-align the spine

   and opens up the nerve pathways so your brain

   receives the correct messaging from the body in

   order to heal itself on its own

The Spine is the Message Highway to the Brain

The Spine is the Message Highway

to the Brain

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• Multi-tasking is unproductive and exhaustive


• 50% of the time, your mind is wondering regardless

   of what you are doing


• When you are 100% engaged in what you are doing

   (even if you hate the task) you are more happy


• The more mindful you are, the more productive,

   successful and happy you are


• It’s easy to teach yourself how to be more mindful


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100% Mindfulness Will Make Your More Happy

• Decide to be 100% engaged in what you are doing,

  regardless of the task


• When your mind wonders, refocus by doing some deep

  breathing to relax your mind (just like meditation)


• Take a break from technology and spend time outdoors


• Simply choose to be happy by being 100% present with

  family, friends and your pets


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